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Sony DSD-P1 Portable Flash SACD Player

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This piece of proprietary unwieldy drm shit & ue10pro would be beastly. fuck them imods and jamato batteries. a new age of protable audio is here. works with itunes too.

I dont care much for this player, but what i'm looking forward is rockboxed possibilities.

from sa-cd.net:

Q. What is the DSD-P1?

A. The DSD-P1 is an audiophile-quality portable music player/headphone amplifier which plays native DSD files recorded on new removable media called DSD-Card, and also PCM files from internal flash storage.

Q. How does it differ from the popular iPod line of players?

A. The DSD-P1 supports removable media. It also has quality discrete components and increased power handling to deliver DSD's potential to audiophile headphones and earphones. Supported phones include those from Sennheiser, Grado, AKG etc.

Q. What controls does the DSD-P1 have?

A. All controls on the DSD-P1 are side mounted for play, track selection etc. A notable feature is a knurled knob driving a high quality potentiometer for playback level. A small LCD panel is provided for the display of title details, track time etc.

Q. What outputs does the DSD-P1 have?

A. Along with high quality headphone output, line level stereo output and an HDMI connector for multichannel connection to supporting receivers.

Q. What are DSD-Cards?

A. DSD-Cards resemble the Memory Stick Duo but are physically thicker with additional shielding. The electrical interface also incorporates additional connectors for enhanced clocking etc.

Q. What is the storage capacity of DSD-Cards?

A. The cards will be available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sizes, with the size used determined by the musical content.

Q. Can I write to blank DSD-Cards?

A. No. DSD-Cards are read-only.

Q. Where can I buy these DSD-Cards?

A. Recorded music on DSD-Cards will be available through traditional retail channels, Amazon.com etc.

Q. How much will DSD-Cards cost?

A. About the same as Super Audio CDs.

Q. How will DSD-Cards be packaged?

A. DSD-Cards will be packaged in standard size Super Jewel Boxes with special markings to distinguish them from SA-CDs. A standard booklet will be included. The Boxes are intended to be stored along with your CD and Super Audio CD collection.

Q. How will I carry DSD-Cards?

A. An attractive line of wallets in Italian leather, crocodile skin etc will be available at launch.

Q. How many recordings will be available at launch?

A. In excess of 200 recordings will be available on DSD-Card at launch, but many more are expected to follow shortly afterwards as authoring is identical to Super Audio CD.

Q. Does DSD-Card supersede Super Audio CD?

A. No. New recordings on Super Audio CD are expected to be available for the foreseeable future. Some labels may however choose to bundle a DSD-Card with the same music content along with their Super Audio CDs.

Q. How large is the internal flash storage?

A. The DSD-P1 supports 32GB of writable flash memory.

Q. How do I manage music on the internal flash storage?

A. Sony has partnered with Apple Inc. to provide full support for uploading and managing music with Apple's iTunes software. The DSD-P1 will be handled in an identical fashion to iPods.

Q. What music formats are supported?

A. The DSD-Card supports DSD only, in both stereo and multichannel. The internal flash storage supports stereo PCM only in popular compressed and uncompressed formats.

Q. Can I watch movies on the DSD-P1?

A. No.

Q. Can I play games on the DSD-P1?

A. No.

Q. What is the estimated price of the DSD-P1?

A. US $999.

Q. When will the DSD-P1 be available?

A. About 18 months after Sony starts working on it.


(q1 2010)

forgive my bad mood tonight.

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Edirol has a 24/192 and others already have DSD or recorders on the market. I wonder if it will have digital out since at least in this case it's for recording your own content so there should be no issue with the copy protection.

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Korg has a couple of DSD recorders that I believe have digital out.

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Perhaps Sony should focus on producing a portable SACD disc player. They have the technology.

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well i think the only difference this thing makes is that it allows access to prerecorded music, while the pro portable recorders do play dsd but where will the recordings come from?

of course coming up with a different medium is very hard for those who already invested so much in sacds because then you would have to buy the same recordings over just to play them portable. the only advantage is that you can carry much more music conveniently than sacd discs.

a better solution would have been thought something like sonicstage or something where you put in an sacd and it "checks out" the music into the player but then i guess they are afraid of adding too many security backdoors for piracy. then again having the media manager encrypted and synced wiht the portable much like apple's itunes store thingy wouldnt be too hard because the only people this appeals to are people with sacd collections already and then it's retarded because they have to buy duplicates and even a stupid check in check out drm crap is more bearable than wasting money and the enviornment on these "cards"

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