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What are you listening to Part Two


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weird looking music today, gentlemen. kewl.





Look, just because you set up your new TT doesn't mean you have to listen to vinyl ALL day!

This hint applies equally to you, Mr. Aardvark. :cool:

I loves me some Stew, and his band The Negro Problem too. Highly recommended if you are unfamiliar.

Stew -- Naked Dutch Painter


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Joy Division -- Closer


Rhino vinyl.

God bless you, my man!! I got this same vinyl, and love it (even on my crappy Teac TT). "Decades" just ripped right through me, that keyboard has deep soul. Also have Unknown Pleasures on same vinyl.....

As for me, work is fun with minimal meetings. I am hearing:


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So, um, would you like a (potentially) better turntable? >:D

Yes, I would, but can't afford right now. I've been on a rollercoaster of analog sources, peaking with SOTA Sapphire and Rega P25, with middle of the line Thorens and Music Hall (which Deepak has/had).

The Teac was a reaction to my wife almost destroying needles/cartridges. I still use a Primare Phono Pre, and it actually still sounds, uhhhh, respectable :rolleyes::P



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