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My K1000 arrived today!


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so does BJT stand for blow yourself while standing on a transistor and the led is for that inner glow - need some yoga lessons first :P , I need to get back to work and stop procrastinating.

I have vowed to hang up my soldering iron but keep getting pulled to build something else :palm: , what is it with this hobby and the addiction. I am guessing you should all be sitting in a big circle and telling your sad tale.

yes yes, I've hogged and distracted enough, back on track for the K1000 love ..dB

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I received the K1000 today and I have to say I'm way more impressed than I thought I would be. I've been listening to a couple of tracks out of the Trends and it's definitely a more enjoyable combo than the SRD-7 Pro/Lambda Sig. The AKG sound more natural, particularly the mids, while I've always found the Lambda Sig to sound a bit artificial. It lacks a little bit of low bass like I expected, but bass quantity in general is certainly not lacking. I'll post more impressions later.

P.S. How would I know if my K1000 is part of the supposed bass-heavy of bass-light batch? Serial number is 04333.

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My 10k+ K1K is sounding quite punchy in the bass dept though, was quite surprised by it as I was expecting the same results as my previous 7k+. Most of my mates agree that the bass was sufficiently impressive, not what they expected from reading about K1Ks. But then again for most of them, this was the 1st time they've heard a K1K.. duh. It was connected to a Gryphon Tabu (30 watts dual mono), which was quite nice.

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