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I just ordered one. I wanted to resist it but I just couldn't! :dotu: It was also the dealer's last unit before they have to order more that'll arrive in a few weeks. A sign? It'll be here as soon as tomorrow even.

Officially, I don't go for burn-in. But I did think the QB-9 was borderline bright out of the box and I don't any more.

By the way, a little tidbit from Charles Hansen that might perk a few ears up around here. He was addressing a question about whether they would consider upgrading their existing C-5xe player with USB input.

No, there isn't any room in that product to add a USB input board.

But even if there were, think about it for a minute. The C-5xeMP is $6000. If we added that feature it would be another $1000 or $1500. So what would you save over the one with video? $1000? $2000?

It wouldn't make any sense for us to have two products in our lineup with price points that close. If you already have a C-5xeMP, the cheapest thing to do is just buy a QB-9 also.

But once you have the QB-9, would you even really need the C-5xeMP any more? There are ways to get the PCM off of your DVD-Audio discs. And at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Gus Skinas announced that there was a new format called "DSD-DISC" that allows people to trade DSD files over the internet (mostly tapers of live shows). We have just heard about it, but it is possible that we can implement an upgrade to the QB-9 so that it could play those DSD-DISC files in their native format.

Then the only trick would be to "rip" your SACD's. There are only two ways to do that at the present time. One is buy a professional DSD workstation (way too expensive!) and the other way is to modify a (cheap) DSD player to get the DSD data that is being sent to the DAC chip to some sort of box that would interface with your computer. Check the forums at DIYAudio.com and see if anyone is working on that.

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I just ordered one. I wanted to resist it but I just couldn't! :dotu: It was also the dealer's last unit before they have to order more that'll arrive in a few weeks. A sign? It'll be here as soon as tomorrow even.

Dibs! :P

It looks like the warranty on the QB-9 is not transferable, so I'm tempted to just buy a new one once I have enough money saved up. :palm:

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Can someone explain why Moore's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia doesn't seem to apply to the transistors in audio gear?

(OK I can understand the concept of amortizing the fixed cost of R&D, over a limited production run, but that's why you use Commercial off-the-shelf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia solutions to solved problems)

Comments made in http://www.head-case.org/forums/home-source-components/7298-wavelength-wavelink-asynchronous-usb-s-pdif-converter-2.html apply equally here, I'd Say.

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Is the second part about ripping DSD referring to the modified Oppo method?

Given that Ayre are in the process of rebadging -- OK, and (more-than) somewhat re-engineering -- the Oppo BDP-83 to sell for $8K-$10K, I suspect they are familiar with the capabilities of the platform. ;)


Basically the Oppo video section, C-5xe and QB-9 all in one box.

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if anyone gets the chance to put the Lavry 11 up against the Ayre QB-9 I'd be interested in the outcome. At RMAF we had the Ayre and Lavry in Judes rig and the Lavy and Ayre we neck and neck. Many preferred the Lavry. needless to say I was pretty shocked but that is what we heard.

Lavry was running optical out of the Macbook and the Ayre was running USB out of the same Macbook. Both were being powered by the Raptor which was surprisingly good with the HD800.

I am an Ayre fan boy and was wanting the QB-9 to be superior but I had to admit the little Lavry held its own and more.

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No, I think he's talking about the increased capabilities of entry level pro equipment to be able to handle DSDIFF, WSD, etc. files, such as the Korg MR-1, MR-1000, Sonic Studio software plugins, etc. (The earliest known ability was on some Sony Vaio something-or-other.)

That said, I'm still interested (wouldn't it be nice to be able to EQ without having to convert the data, for example?).

I wouldn't count your chickens etc. etc.

But I think it is possible, as they are currently in the process of finalizing a new receiver board to add 24/192 capability and really might as well go for the twofer if they are going to push out an upgrade. Fingers crossed, eh?

Well, by the time I can afford one, it will either be a given, or a foregone conclusion...no, wait, that's a win-win scenario...you know what I mean...it will have either happened, or it won't have...
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If there's an USB host controller for the external HDs, supporting external USB DACs should be relatively simple. :)

You bet.

The Touch just runs Linux with Logitech's UI and playback software. It requires a bit of configuration tweaking to get the player to use a different audio device than the built-in DAC and S/PDIF, but some of the other beta testers have managed to get it working, including with a Wavelength async USB DAC.

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Interesting read.

However, people still haven't quite grasped what Sun said many moons ago

"The Network is the computer"


While you don't need the latest or most powerful computer to use as a server, you do, as JA observed, want a quiet one.

The quietest computer is the one that isn't in the listening environment.

people are already doing this:

Component, DVI and HDMI over CAT-5 : Home Theater Blog | Home Theater News & Reviews

Anyone want to try this:

Cables Unlimited USB Over Cat5e Extender (Up to 150-Foot) at TigerDirect.com

If you will insist on using cabling/transmission protocols with limited reach?

What is the max. length of a USB 2.0 cable? - Everything USB Community

There are of course other ways to skin this particular cat. :)

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