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:) I've just reached the point that I don't use discs at all so the APL will go on sale soon. It's a fine dac but it's just too damn big and I'm in a mood to scale down a bit. Well that an I want a low output impedance SS source to play with.

It's cool, I sold my XA5400ES a while back too. It was great with SACD, but the majority of them were hybrid discs that I wasn't even using it that much. Seems everything is going discless anyway.

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Necro bumb. :) I've been thinking about picking up one of these for a while now but 230V units are pretty thin on the ground. Does anybody know if the transformer has split primaries so I could just modify a 115V unit?

My understandings no. I have a coiple of ayres and before I moved from 115v region to a 220v one I called ayre and asked if the local dealer can help with the conversion. The answer was negative. The dealer would have to ship my units back to the factory to get get retrofitted with new transformers.

I can't imaging you can't just order one from the nearest or the cheapest dealer and get it air freighted to you.

Good luck.

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