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My poor R10s ):

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OK, I cleaned them up a little today. Still plenty to be done but they look better. Those three screws holding things down would not budge and i didn't want to strip them. I think I'll let Alex do the rest.


How do you like the wiring job on the left one? :(


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Andy best of luck on getting these totally restored, you did a great job initially cleaning them up. I'd be completely freaked out with solvent so close to $5000+ headphones but I guess there was not really a choice.

Kudos to Alex for stepping up again.

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Are R10 drivers still available in case something fails or it's completely out of stock?

Very good job on the cleaning part BTW, it takes some guts to play inside a 4000$ headphone like that.

Not any more. The urethane rings are also no longer available. I tried ordering those parts from Sony and partstore without any success.

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Denon phones use a foam ring around the driver which maybe has the same sonic properties and is about the same size as the orange one into the R10. It's gray though. The bigger ring in between the circular metal frame and the wooden cup will be harder to find. The problem with these phones are the pads, weren't they glued, doing some experiments with different materials would be way easier.

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My first pair of R10 looked a bit like that. The foam was really horrible and I'm very glad I managed to get some replacement foam before it all ran out.

Time & humidity will affect the foam and eventually DIY replacements will have to be used.

The inner yellow foam surrounding the driver (that turns red after time) is very soft and fairly dense. I've not seen other foam like it but it's almost like memory foam but lighter. Very small holes and squeezy.

The outer foam ring that sits between the wooden cups and the metal headband assembly (behind where the screws attach) are grey and slightly more resistant to deterioration but they do also go crumbly and shrink.

Ridiculous that such an expensive headphone is made with such perishable parts, but we are talking many, many years for this to happen

My R10's currently live in my air-conditioned office where it's a constant 20-22C and minimal humidity.

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