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From JH Audio's Facebook page...

JH Audio You've heard of Black Friday..just wait until Black Wednesday! Most awesome deal of the year on the JH13 only from 9-11am, 11/25/09. Stay tuned for details!

JH Audio | Facebook



Ha! Good thing I just spent that grand I had squirreled away on a tonearm. Not yet, you magnificent bastards. Not yet.

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And the bitching has already begun.

Just a heads up. If you ordered recently and your order hasn't been sent to the lab yet.. don't bother trying to cancel your order so you can get in on the deal. They won't let you.

I went from excited to get mine to.. well.. lets just say that their greed has given me a sour taste in my mouth and an unhappy experience.


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His way of getting even would have been to buy, what some consider an inferior product for $50 more than he paid (UE11) instead of the product that he was excited to buy a few days ago. What a genius.

Hopefully, a bunch of other babies don't follow up and make certain that JH Audio doesn't offer a deal like this again.

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Question about amping the 13s. A poster on the other site made several mentions of amps with near zero output impedance, on top of a particular need to somehow manage the three-way crossover (how different frequencies are impacted by Z); the additional challenges it represents. Any of you in the know care to chime in?

Also waiting (somewhat) patiently for what Nate ("and other") have in mind for a balanced amp solution. If there is indeed an added benefit, I am certainly still game for buying (or building given sourcing the earpiece connectors) a dedicated balanced cable; just swap out at the earpiece for portable use. As to the above para, whether this solution addresses the needs of multiple drivers/x-overs (if this is indeed the case).

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