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Ordered AirPods Pro online at 1:48 pm today, paid $9 for same-day delivery, Postmates courier dropped them at my house at 2:51 pm.


I am listening to them now and they are pretty damn good.

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How's the fit? I'm a little scared by the in-ear nature as I have not had great fits with IEMs in the past.

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Not to be melodramatic but does anyone else remember a couple of years ago when Tyll was still running the late, lamented Inner Fidelity and wrote that, someday, the really big game changer would be wireless, fuss-free, DSP headphones that were "good enough" for anyone but the most hardcore enthusiasts. Well we're there Hertsens, you magnificent bastard.

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😀 New 16" MacBook! This looks like a better value for money, with a new keyboard, speakers, mics, display (notice that they do not mention HDR), GPUs, up to 64GB RAM, larger 11-hour battery, and up to 8TB storage – also, it still has a headphone jack:


I always thought the previous Vega 20 graphic processor (an expensive option in the 15" MacBook Pro and 21.5" iMac) was a low-midrange product, and the new AMD Radeon Pro 5500M (8GB GDDR6) looks like a huge improvement. Apple has discontinued the 15" MacBook Pros on the website, but they are still available in the refurb store (and probably for a little while longer in the brick and mortar stores).

The 16" MBP is about the same price (at the base levels) as the Early 2019 15" MacBook Pros, so it's going to make them look really bad from a value standpoint unless you can get one for a steep discount – they are still expensive.

It's interesting to see that they stuck with 802.11ac wi-fi – a lot of current high-end Windows laptops are shipping with Wi-Fi 6 now. 10 Gigabit Ethernet is an option on the Late 2018 Mac Mini and it may become standard on desktop Macs next year. It may also become available on Thunderbolt 3 adapters at some point.

Apple doesn't call attention to this, but the 16" MBP uses the same CPUs as in the previous 15" MBP. They are wedded, like everyone else, to Intel's technology roadmap. This means that it will be a while before PCIe 4.0 or 5.0 comes out (current leaks about Intel's 10th-Gen desktop processors indicate they are sticking with PCIe 3.0) and we can expect to see 10-core/20-thread i9 processors in the next iMacs. Intel's mainstream rollout of 10nm processors has been pushed back into 2020 and 2021 so there may still be more products manufactured on their 14nm+++ process or a confusing hybrid lineup like their current mobile offerings with Ice Lake at 10nm, Comet Lake at 14nm, and both named 10th Gen.

An update on newly-disclosed vulnerabilities in Intel's processors:


This is an evolutionary upgrade that fixes some of the old design's problems and increases the MacBook Pro's capabilities, at the cost of larger size and increased weight (with a larger power supply to match).

Microsoft's new Surface X has been getting poor reviews because of it's ARM processor performance – Apple has had much more success implementing ARM designs on iOS.

Ironically, the clever lid-opening scrolling on the new MacBook Pro's features page is crashing in my Safari browser but it runs just fine in Firefox.


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