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New MBP arrived this morning. It's cute and shiny, but 10.7 is weird. I don't plan on sticking with it for long. My machine is "Eligible for OS X Mountain Lion Up-to-Date Program" and after much hoop-jumping, I'm now downloading Mountain Lion in the background. Of course, ML will be weird to my used-to-10.6-eyes as well.

Why is scrolling backwards on 10.7. WTF, Cupertino?

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Dinny is right. It was the first thing I figured out how to un-fuck on 10.7. I'm now on 10.8 and of course all the settings I just fixed reverted themselves (or so it feels like.) I haven't tested any of my main apps (Photoshop, Traktor, etc) yet. Irritatingly, Little Snitch is broken, and that's one util I really depend on.

The CPU bump from a Core 2 Duo to a dual core i7m is ...substantial.

Anyone notices this cute trick by Apple? What's this going to do to poor third party manufacturers (like, snicker, ALO?)

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My wife hates the backwards scrolling, if you find a fix LMK..

I am assuming this is what you mean? It's the same with 10.8. The "natural scrolling" is really annoying.

System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom > unclick "scrolling direction: natural"


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Dinny, I've had a Clear 4G Hotspot for a few years now. They've gotten better over the years, and I like it. I get about 3-5MB/s down, which is fine for everything except streaming video. They don't have a monthly cap on data, which is nice. Coverage is spotty, though, you should check the map on the web site and see the estimated signal strength at your folk's house, and how close the their tower is.

Depending on your location, Verizon first, then ATT is probably the fastest - about 10-15MB/s down, but they cap the data so I don't think you'll be streaming Netflix. And they're more expensive.

I'd suggest look using your cellular carrier maybe doing a data sharing plan with your phone if you don't mind being capped, or Clear if you want unlimited.

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