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I still think that Apple doesn't put enough RAM in the baseline Macs to do them justice, and only 4GB is just silly.  I'm amazed at how often I see our 16GB iMac or Macbook Pro Retina using up 8-12GB of RAM after running multiple apps over a few days.  


Sure the OS can "function" with only 4GB but it's clearly slowed down when you have insufficient RAM and more than 1-2 apps loaded.  These Macs have always had 16GB so I can't attest to the improvement there from the extra RAM, I just got 16GB to make them a little more "future proof".  


But I've seen a big improvement in my son's late 2008 Macbook Pro by increasing it from 4GB to 8GB early last year (the max).  That RAM plus an Hybrid HD make it run about as quick as our daughter's 8GB 2012 Macbook Pro with std HD - at least in every day tasks. The newer models still convert audio and video files 2x as fast, or zip files faster.  But responsiveness and launch times on the old Mac improved noticeably with both more RAM and with a hybrid HD.  In an effort to avoid using an external drive for their iTunes library the kids agreed to a slower 750GB HD over a smaller SSD.  But with iTunes in the cloud and iTunes Match I'd be okay with a smaller SSD for the additional speed.

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Holy crap, 1Password 4.0 is out.  It's a major change from 3.X.  I am ...unsure what I think of it thus far.

Indeed. :D  I like the menu bar utility.


Free upgrade for 1Password 3 owners who bought this year; $25 for people who bought before 2013

$40 for now for new users; price going up to $50 later I think.  Good security changes: http://learn.agilebits.com/1Password4/Security/1P4-security-changes.html

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