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Ye Macce Threade

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I picked up a 128GB ipad mini 4 today.  When I turned it on the battery life was at 54%.  Does that seem low?  I thought they usually had around 80%?  Also, it wasn't recognizing me typing at some point until I restarted it.  Is there a reason to be concerned?  I can always take it back and exchange it for a new one.  

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I know a couple of people that have been waiting for this one.

For folks who use the function keys all the time (many Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, Reaper etc use them quite a bit) the touchbar is a big deal.

Some people are thinking about replacing their Mac Pro's (pre 2013) with the new MacBook. 

I hear some whining about the loss of firewire but a couple of adapters solves that easily.

We'll see once the early adopters give it a go. 

Me, I'm still content with my 2012 6 core Mac Pro (I have a 2012 Macbook Pro that doesn't see a lot of use). I would love to have Thunderbolt connections but I've added a USB-3 PCIe card for faster connections. 

I do hope they update the Trash Can.

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2 hours ago, n_maher said:

...but obviously touch-based interfaces have come a long ways in the last 5 years.  

I remember my first touch based interface. It was way back in the 70's. I think they called it a clitoris. I never got very good with it.

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IMHO Microsoft is starting to get it's act together at least for some professional users.

I'm all about the software and I have way too much money and study invested in CoreAudio to change right now but,..

The upcoming Surface Studio sure is a nice looking machine!


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Currently there's a slight shitshow going on in the Apple official USB-C dongle review thread - http://www.apple.com/shop/reviews/MJ1K2AM/A/usb-c-digital-av-multiport-adapter

I have pretty neutral sentiment for both of the major players. For 20 years I've been using mainly Windows and for the last year or so getting a MBP for work was a wonderful revelation. I'd hate to return to Windows for work.


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So now that AAPL has officially abandoned Thunderbolt, I'm officially in the market for a TB hub.  There are exactly two worth considering.  The OWC for $220, an the Elgato for $200.  The former has FW800 support, but its performance has ...mixed reviews.  The latter lacks FW, but has slightly better scores.  I need FW support.  If I don't get the OWC, I'll be buying an Apple TB/FW adapter.  Supposedly OWC have upgraded the firmware and made some other minor changes to their design to improve its performance.

Any HCers have experience with TB docks?  Any recommendations?

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Haven't used the docks but I do use an Apple TB/FW adapter with my 2012 MBP. I use an external drive with the adapter>FW800 and my Metric Halo interface with the stock FW800 > FW400 adapter. The drive I use is AC powered and I've never had an issue with powering two 48V mics from the interface a Pro Tools iLok in one of the USB ports and headphones from the Metric Halo. 

That's my remote recording rig if I'm not using CAT5 from an Avid S3 (which is much of the time).

Both the laptop and interface are usually plugged into AC.

IMHO the TB/FW adapter is cheap and easy and until I'm forced to change, I'll stick with that.

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Thanks for the input.  I'm going to be buying ...something this weekend.  Being cut off from my FW HDDs is unacceptable.  Currently thinking an AAPL brand adapter in the short term and wrestling with the TB Dock prospect later.


Also, this Retina screen is ...something else.  :o

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