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iPhoto is hosed for me. Really bad. I've tried reinstalling, restoring, rebuilding, fix permissions--all that shit. Still get the spinning beach ball whenever I start the damn program. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you are on a Mac, can you option click on iPhoto in your dock and tell it to create a new library without it crashing? i.e. is the crash only with opening the current library?

At that point, can you drag the old library into the new iPhoto library window and have it import everything?

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library is on internal drive. This seems to be working so far: Deleted old library, uninstalled iPhoto (again), reinstalled it, drilled down to the backup library on Time Machine drive (manually--cannot do a normal "restore"), and am now importing the old library from the TM drive to the new library. We'll see.

But I have pretty much had it with iPhoto at this point. I don't really need any advanced editing features, but library management is a key. Is that better with Aperture? I want an all-in solution, not a plug in for iPhoto, if one exists. Photos are at 40k +. Mainly because I don't delete anything.

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I don't have anywhere near that many photos but both Aperture and Lightroom have no issues dealing with my very large file size pictures. I typically have 20-30 gb per import and neither has issues. I never really liked iPhoto that much but have no complaints about Aperture/Lightroom.

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An audiophile goes in search of the world's the quietest laptop http://theatln.tc/syhD5i

Or move it to where you can't hear it, and stream the audio data (using an asyncronous error correcting protocol with resend/retry) to a (buffered, with own local clock) silent device with no moving parts (obviously)?

But where's the fun, upgrade upsell potential (and clicks) in a solved problem. ;)

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