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Cool they have counter balasts on them. I suppose that could be rather useful for those super active iPod users and their Starbucks coffee.

The name alone is enough to make me want to sell my GS1000s. I dont want to be associated in any way with anything that comes in ipod white and has a name that begins with iSomething. Just think how annoying it would be... iWent iTo iStore iTo iGet iSome iGrados. Oh wait I guess that is nothing different then what rappers do all the time... hmmm maybe ill approach Apply about sponsoring me to put "i" in front of everything I do.

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At least it isn't "Gradizzles".

At least I could laugh at that name. I could care what they look like as I'm guessing that I am not their target audience but as a brand statement I think iGrado isucks iballs. How many add wizards did it take to come up with that one? :mikey2: Seriously, imagine the conversation...

Add Guy: Let's call it "iGrado". It tells you nothing about the product other than whoever made it didn't give a shit about what name they gave it.

Mr. Grado: Brilliant!


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