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^^ That was a serious bit of kit, and drop dead gorgeous to boot.  I have a mate who owned a Ferrari (forget what sort) at one point, and he rapidly found out that he had to do a course in how to drive the thing - he couldn't steer a straight line and change gear at the same time until he learnt the techniques.  And his was a lot less powerful than the La Ferrari animal.


Shows what a good/great driver May is.


But yeah - the Peugeot section was endlessly long and Top Gear at its worst.  And this is the same team that brought us the Reliant Robin shuttle launch

what a contrast. Edited by Craig Sawyers
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Sort of pathetic that Ferrari would ban a paying customer from ever buying another LE Ferrari for letting someone use a car the way it was intended. I thought it was usual Top Gear nonsense, like how Corvette comes out with a new car "every few years" (four Vettes in my life time)


Turns out it isn't shenanigans, doing some searching I guess this isn't too surprising from the former Yankees of F1.

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This sort of thing is very common in the industry. BMW has been suspected of tuning press cars for years. Hell, even Lincoln sent in a MKS for review on Pilot Supersports. There's just so much prestige wrapped up in the latest generation of hypercars that any other type of behavior would have been more surprising IMO.


Overall, a very good season so far. Just when I thought they were all out of steam, they rebound. The Peugot film was hilarious last episode.

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Anderson spent most of the first 11 years of her life in the UK.  When they went back to the US the kids made fun of her English accent, so she adopted a midwest accent.  So she switches between one and the other easily. She appears on the London theatre stage pretty frequently using her variety of accents - we've seen her in roles with her perfect English accent, but we missed her as Blanche Dubois last year which was was certainly is a southern US accent.  She's a great stage actor.


Missed Topgear last night, but will watch the rerun tomorrow.


Clarkson gets a total of (in US-speak) $30m a year for his involvement in TG. 

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Vicki, assuming you have Netflix you should go all the way back to the beginning and watch it.  There are some uneven patches, heck even recently they've stumbled a bit, but as you said it's not so much a car show as it is just a fun show to watch a lot of the time.  I still go back and watch old episodes from time to time and watched a ton of them when Andrew wasn't sleeping well when he was little. 


edit - technically you can't go all the way back to the beginning since they don't include the first series but you aren't missing much there.

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Vicki, I once made a list to a friend of mine who was in a similar situation with some of the best segments (IMO anyway) as far as humour is concerned. In case you're interested:


[07x04] – old supercars for 15 grand challenge

[08x03] - amphibious cars (hilarious episode) challenge

[10x02] - amphibious cars two! 

[10x07] - cheap, old, British cars challenge

[11x01] - home-made police cars

[11x03] - cheap Alfa Romeos challenge

[12x06] - communist cars (hilarious again)

[13x07] - making a car ad


Their specials are usually fantastic as well. Episode 09x03 was the American challenge, then 10x04 was the African one, 12x08 Vietnam, 14x06 Amazon, 15x08 Middle East and more recently, in the beginning of series 22, the Patagonia special. All pretty great, IMO!

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I've actually already seen most of those.   :)


Havent seen the making a car ad, but I did see the making a bicycle ad.  Very funny.


Nate, I don't have Netfix and only basic cable, but I believe it's on tonight, and they seem to have reruns all the time.


Well, I can imagine it was a good marathon then! :)

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I just watched Ep6 from this year.  As reported by others I thought it was well and truly hilarious.  Also, Gillian Anderson... my god the years have been kind to her and, well, just wow.  I've never been a huge fan, not having really watched X-Files, but that is a very attractive woman to these eyes.

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"Following a fracas" is Brit-code for fists being used.  But not airing the show will hurt the BBC a lot more (financially) than it will Clarkson.


The dust will settle.  Clarkson will be forced to apologise (in his usual grudging way), and the Top Gear gravy train will roll right along with Clarkson back in the driving seat.

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