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my next machine planning, help and advice wanted!

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No, I just don't like TheCunt_Shadow.

I'm sure we called your bar, unless there is more than one Touch of Class Lounge in Chicago with "Billy the Bartender" discussed in the Yelp reviews.

i still remember that girl who wrote that..i had no idea she was going to do that though.

not sure what happened, i never get calls on the bar phone..only my father does. i use something he has never heard of..a cell phone.

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dusty says i can so now i can!
For the record, I said I wouldn't. If you're going to read between the lines, then here ya go:




At least plug the fans back in, panini press.

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x2 I don't get why it's necessary to OC to 4ghz to run itunes.

it's fun to work and push it, like working on a car in your garage while trying to squeeze out more hp and torque. actually i am having a ball playing with this computer like this, from the start of this thread to now its been a bunch of fun..learning more about something i never thought i could, playing with it to see what makes this or that do this or that, and of course understanding more about how a computer works more then i ever have. two things i did in my life i never thought i could were learning to drive a manual and building this computer. my goal was having a working system with the ability to over clock, once i looked at my stock temps for awhile and knew the system worked good with nice air flow then i began ocing. my first goal was 3.2 and my final goal was 3.6, but the temps were so low at that speed i decided to kick it up a bit. i am done with 4ghz and now i want to stress test the piss out of it. my next goal is to bring better air flow at a lower db level (insert Noctua fans here). i have one thermal take 120 in front of the hdd's as an intake and one 23cm fan at the top rear as an exhaust now. i will play with plugging in the rear 120 in again to see if the temps are worth the noise. i plan on adding a 120 noctua in the rear soon and maybe one on the side as an intake. i can also add another 120 on the cooler in a push pull config, but the chance of fan tubulance between the two is keeping me away.

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I really do not notice any difference in speed or accessability when using it on my netbook, where I should notice a difference, compared to the iMac or Mac mini.

The apple way is only better if you are a pome.

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