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We both made it through our procedures (there was a cancellation so he had his early, yesterday). We both miss our teeth, though. I had never had to give a solid pill to a cat before (pain meds). It wasn’t too bad, but the liquid antibiotic is a lot easier. 

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RIP to Tab "Hunter"

In a double whammy after losing my mother-in-law Friday night, yesterday we had to put down our kitty.

Tab was "my" boy, he loved to be cradled when I picked him up, and he would extend his paws out in a bit of a hug, and kneed my neck.  But he loved pets and scratches from Karen as well, who always had better nails for it than me.

We're very sad, but he was diagnosed last August with lung cancer, and given as little as 2 weeks back then.  9-10 months later, he was still with us.  So we're also very glad to have had that extra time.


Tab on couch.jpg

Tab with Todd.jpg

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I was gone for a few days, to see my partner, who is not local. A friend visited the Bingies, but I guess there is nothing like having me back. Ears perked in case I say that magic word, Tee Are Eee Aye Tee Ess. The other one is around here too. 


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