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As other people have pointed out, this is an expensive way to get a similar feature set as ZFS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (RAIDZ2 gives you 2 disk disk redundancy e.g. A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools; Part 3: RAIDZ2, scrubbing and resilvering - Technology for Sun Partners for an illustration)

I've been wondering how long it would be before we see a ZFS based appliance.

So have other people.

DroboPro at SNW

Looks like I may not have to wait that long.

EON ZFS Storage (NAS) (eon storage)

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is that screen...curved?

It's essentially so big, that you start to get distortion because the pixels are different distances from your eyes, so they fixed it by curving the entire thing.

PS I changed my mind, I don't want -- it's only "900p". Although the ultra-widescreen aspect (pun intended) would have been nice. Can you imagine having every single one of your iTunes columns up at once?

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Seams faire ;)
Okay, now your just fogging with me.

And ...uh, I forget you're name, guziguy...and guziguy's right -- I was correcting you on you're choice of words, not you're spelling; you're spelling's fine.

I just really liked the imagery of having speakers so big, they need a tow truck to toe them in. "Also Sprach Zarathustra" superimposed with the "large truck backing up" beeping comes to mind as the soundtrack.

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