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Symphones "MAGNUM" pre-order and discount


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what if we dont like it? returns?

if i send you a grado ext cable can you use that instead of the regular wire and set it up in balanced? i can send you nuetrik xlr's.

Yes. It looks like we will be offering returns for customers of the pre-order run. Details are still being worked- i should have something up by this afternoon.

As for the wire- we can solder a new cable during the modification (as long as it does not involve 'making' a cable).

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Have you guys considered doing this for more headphones? ie non-grados?

Good question- I found the SR325/MS2 to be the 'sweet spot' for our upgrade design. Since it employs some aluminum parts- modifying it to be all-aluminum was more feasible than the alternatives.

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Could you elaborate a bit more on the sound improvements of your modification? Are we really talking about PS-1/HP-1000 level?

What is the difference between SR-325i and MS-2 as the base model?

The new headphone is much more 'refined' than stock MS2/325- bass, mids & highs. improvements are across the board. See my post on the previous page.

There is no sonic difference between the SR325 and MS2 post mod- this is on purpose.

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