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SoFla Winter Meet 12/5/09

screaming oranges

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I will have a room at the Hyatt from Fri night thru Sunday night. I will be getting a 2-bedroom, so if anyone wants to crash in, let me know. Hopefully the meet will still be held at the same place.

I haven't placed my reservation yet but will do so this week. I already have manaox staying, but if anyone else wishes to crash, let me know.

Yea yea, I know I live fairly close to Mike, but I recently moved back in with mom and pop to help them pay off mortgage (and save some money myself), and it turns out there is some renovation in my room that weekend and afterwards, so I was going to stay with my older brother in Doral. But I don't want to drive from all the way down there to the meet and back every night, so screw it, I'm getting a 2-bedroom.

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It will be at the Hyatt Place in Plantation, FL. The meet room will be $100 for the day, which is $100 or $200/day less than the previous visit. Rooms are normally $119 to $129/night. We can reserve them at $99/night and this includes breakfast. To get this rate call Michele at 954-670-2022. When I called she answered but if she doesn't just ask for her by name or ask for sales. Her extension is 7197. I've blocked 4 rooms. I can block more, if needed.

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I meant two-beds room. Not two bedrooms for my reservation.

Anyhow, I just placed it. Anyone beside manaox want to crash in, ur more than welcome to do so. I don't know how many people fit in these rooms, but I won't be splitting costs with anyone since I was going to get a room anyway, and well, let's just say someone up above has been very generous to me during these hard economic times and would like to pay it forward, if you will. One bed to myself, the rest of you can pile up for all I care!

I dont have any sleeping bags, so bring ur own. I believe Manaox has dibs on the other bed, since he contacted me 1st. Unless he rather sleep on the floor or the bathtub or at someone else's if he thinks there are cooler kids elsewhere...

EDIT: BTW, I have the room for three nights. Friday, Sat, and Sunday. I'll check out Monday morning.

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Well I do have the month of December off so I might try to make it down for a Florida meet.

Jeff, it would be great if you can make it.






















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You two could always snuggle up together. :-*

I better watch out, he might be a little lonely since he came back from the last meet with a lost wedding band and started screaming JH13 during his fits of passion. I learned my lesson from you Fitz, I'll be watching where I keep my drinks and sleeping on my back.

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Work threw a monkey wrench into my plans and cancelled the meetings in Boca Raton. ARGH!!!

I am pricing out options now, I will still try to make it.

I will still make it.


Mike, the fixer ...

John, I do hope you find a way - don't forget the SoFL travel slush fund option. (You do not want Mike & me coming out there after you - wouldn't be pretty.)

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i dont want to know where the glue comes from.....really i dont.....

He's the one who holds it all together.

Yup, as simple as that, Dom, get your mind out of the gutter (of course, there was that incident with New Guy in a men's room in Tampa). :biggrin:

I believe it originated at jp's going away meet just before he moved to Cali. Had a mellow time at his old condo (Mike, Matt, Vicki, jp, & me), and pretty sure it was Vicki who coined that phrase (may have been Mike - please correct me).

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