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Squeezebox Touch


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A sad, but not totally unexpected day. Take some time and read the all too familiar tale of a squandered opportunity here

Too expensive for the mass market, too cheap for audiophiles, too flexible for marketing to get their heads around: too bad.

Maybe the future is renting / streaming from the cloud, or playing in a walled garden ...

Or maybe it's putting a software player on a raspberry pi, driving a USB DAC ...

Nothing stops the existing hardware and software functioning today .. ( or tomorrow, in a VM going forward ... )

* sigh *

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<rant> It's the crumbling of our society. Time was when you built a company to make things, make a profit and you did so until you retired and willed the thing to your feckless offspring, who who either run in into the ground or sold the brand name to your competitors. It was a pretty good system. There were real brands and real progress. People were employed. Companies and brands endured for decades, some for centuries. Now you're biggest hope is to sell your SMB company to some would-be monopolist for way more than it's worth, take the money and run. The monopolist doesn't care. He's too big to fail. Customers are an externality to him. The ideas vanish. The capital vanishes. It's all very sad. </<rant>

Good news for Jerry Harvey though. The Ultimate Ears brand is next up for trashing.

And I'm not knocking Jerry Harvey or Sean Adams. They're just playing by the rules that exist and winning - Harvey particularly. He'll inherit his all old business after his old brand goes down in a thud. Good for him.

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I just ordered two from Amazon @ $239. It said "in stock 9-4-12", but I got an email today that said they had been shipped.

Now stockpiling software for the survivalist winter.

I'm sure there will be (or maybe the Sonos is) and "audiophile" device to get t he same job done for only a few times the price, but for as long as this hardware (and my existing SB-3s) lasts, why go there?

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^ already been done.

I'm working on this, too. I2C is built into the pi through a kernel module, so I am working on using it to control a Wolfson receiver to build the pi directly into a dac, along with other digital inputs.

The handsome guy with the blue shoes in the front is me :)


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