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The Head-Case gun thread


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Took the new Sig Sauer P365, S&W Shield and the Glock 43 to the range to see which tiny carry pistol is the winner. 

The Glock has aftermarket sights but is otherwise is stock. The Shield has full Apex Tactical internals. 

The Sig is brand new and had some failures to lock back on empty but it functioned well otherwise. 

As far as accuracy is concerned, the Glock was the most accurate for me with the Sig at the bottom of the list. I do not like the sights that come in the Sig.

The Sig feeling like the smallest gun while holding double the rounds of the Glock is quite impressive.  I have only gotten a couple of Crossbreed holsters for it so far but it carries very well.

I think the Glock is the better gun at the moment, but the Sig, if it is reliable will probably end up being my regular carry.

The funny thing is this is the first time I have been to the range in over a year and I need some serious practice as I could shoot for shit tonight.

One target that I shot at 10 yards with both the Glock and the P365 (as well as a couple of mags from the 1911. 



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So after upgrading my Ruger 10/22 with new barrel, stock, trigger, etc. and a new scope it has become a very accurate little 22 rifle. This is in no small part due to the Nikon 3 - 9 x 40 ProStaff Rimfire scope I installed with the Nikon BDC (Bullett Drop Compensation) reticle. Not having bought a new scope in about 15 years, this was a revelation. Not only were the optics much improved but the BDC reticle was very easy to use and actually worked. While BDC reticles are not really new, what sets the Nikon apart is the fact that they have developed a cartridge database and an easy-to-use app that allows you to configure the reticle to your load at the magnification you are using. I was so impressed with how well it worked that I spent the last few weeks changing out old scopes and a few other optics/sights related things.

First up, I replaced an old Bushnell 4 x 32 scope on my Marlin 39a with the exact same Nikon scope I used on the Ruger. I also used a new DNZ one-piece mount with integral scope rings for added rigidity. I cannot wait to take it out as it always shot better than the Ruger.


Next was my deer rifle, a Marlin 336 in 30/30 Winchester (the perfect white-tailed deer cartridge for the Eastern U.S.). This had an old Tasco 3 - 9 x 50 that never let in as much light at dusk as the pricier scopes. So I decided to up the ante and go with a Nikon ProStaff 5 3.5 - 14 x 50 scope with side-focus and an illuminated BDC reticle also mounted on a one-piece DNZ base.





I also put a ProStaff 5 scope without side focus and a non-illuminated BDC reticle in 2.5 - 10 x 50 on my Ruger American Rimfire in 22 WSM. I used a pair of Warne QD rings I had in a drawer to mount the scope to the built-in Picatinny rail.


The last Nikon scope I mounted was a Force XR 2.5 - 8 x 28 EER scope with BDC reticle mounted with four Warne rings on the supplied rail for my new hunting handgun, a Magnum Research BFR also in 30/30 Winchester. According to MRI, BFR stands for Big Frame Revolver, but here at H-C it stands for Big Fucking Revolver, 15” long (7.5” barrel) and over 6 pounds with the scope. No one-handed off-hand shooting with this one.


Since I will no longer be using this for hunting I removed the scope from my S&W model 28 and replaced the rear sight. It took me quite a while to find a rear sight that actually fit since this revolver was bought in 1972 and none of the current rear sights, though they look basically the same, fit. It also cost over 2x the price for the used sight.


Lastly, I installed an Eotech holographic sight using a trinity rail mount on my Benelli Nova 12 gauge.


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You may not notice as much of a difference depending on the model. Before I switched out the Tasco from the Marlin I did a low light comparison with the Leupold VariX II on Karen’s Ruger. It was literally, night and day. I then compared the Leupold to the new Nikon and there was a lot less difference but I really like the illuminated reticle.

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Some interesting news from Sig Sauer. First the new P365 XL . This is of definite interest to me. I tried to like the P365, but after renting one and shooting a box of ammo through it, I decided it was not for me. My problem with it was that it was too small, so the XL should definitely fix that. The second interesting announcement is the P320 XFive Legion . This is more of passing interest to me but I will definitely try to give it a go at the range with a direct comparison to my P226 Legion.

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OK kids, that time of year again. This thread has been dormant for too long.

Who's gotten stuff the past ~year, who's upgraded, who's customized, who's shopping for some new toys?

I'm going to the range tomorrow for the first time in years, and they have tons to rent, and a couple people are bringing something. @morphsci - One friend actually has the P320 XFive Legion you mentioned, so I'll probably shoot that.

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Nothing new, but I sure would like to.  All I’ve been doing is making sure I am able to lift it, as well as know the difference between the safety and the clip release, and know how to check and make sure the chamber is empty.  And lift and aim and set it down.  Soon as I find my snap caps, I’ll practice pulling the trigger, too.

You know, for the zombies.

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2 hours ago, MexicanDragon said:

OK kids, that time of year again. This thread has been dormant for too long.

Who's gotten stuff the past ~year, who's upgraded, who's customized, who's shopping for some new toys?

I'm going to the range tomorrow for the first time in years, and they have tons to rent, and a couple people are bringing something. @morphsci - One friend actually has the P320 XFive Legion you mentioned, so I'll probably shoot that.

So this is a good idea with quarantine and all?

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14 minutes ago, Pars said:

So this is a good idea with quarantine and all?

The person who brought it up is very conscious of the landscape of the day, and she has confirmed the range is employing social distancing measures. Otherwise, I wouldn't consider it. I typically only go out for groceries every 2-3 weeks, or to order 2-3 days of pizza if delivery is insane.

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Lots of shooting going on in the mountains here. I bought a KSG because I found it to be interesting and looked very functional. No issues with it but I wouldn't call it smooth, if you don't mind working no feeding issues. 

I will probably also pick up the iwi ts12 because why not! Also I love the concept and IWI. 



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Went to the range yesterday, tried out a couple things.

Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum


Glock 45 Gen 5

I can't find anywhere to throw darts out here, so tried to play some cricket.

Springfield 9MM 1911

Sig P229


For a gun I didn't like, that was a decent group for me @ 5 yards.


Some dumfuk with shitty headphones

Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield

Glock 21 Gen 4

HK 45C

POS Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS with "red" dot that was green to me, the little bit I could see of it. I'd have better luck just throwing this one at someone than hitting somebody.

POS Trijicon "sight"

Glock 19 Gen 5


As much as I've hated on Glocks in the past, the Gen 5 I shot yesterday (G34 withstanding) was all leaps and bounds ahead of the Gen 4s. However, people who have presidential-sized hands may have luck with with Gen 4s.


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1 hour ago, Grahame said:


They get their towels at Costco, too?

Costco? We're not animals.

P365 XL fit most of the criteria, and there were two in stock in the back; only people who knew were us and the two guys working who were there and saw them and were like "how do we have TWO of these in stock?" A little social engineering skipped us in line from 7th to 3rd after the first guy in line took 75 minutes with the only guy able to sell guns after multiple call-outs. We even got some of the little ammo they had in stock.

Horrible time to get into a new (old) hobby, but fun finding those needles in haystacks. Glock 19 Gen 5 was high on the list, but wasn't worth the 35% upcharge over MSRP. The Gen 4 Shield at a grand just didn't feel worth it.

How do you like the RomeoZero?

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