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The analog thread.

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the CJ Premier 15 phono  with teflon upgrades is pretty good kit, as is the SME V arm.

The Technics, is completely modded:

12lb Mke New platter aluminum, bearing, bearing plate and copper SME armboard. Paul Hynes off board PSU.


The speakers are surprisingly good Paradigm Ref 100v4. I do salivate over the Paradigm Signatures though.... ;)


There is always the cabling game to be played a bit further....

speakers is the next link, but it may be a while before I can afford a substantial step up.

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So, I brought all my vinyl home from TN. Now I need a TT. Probably a "starter" table for now.

Anyone have experience with this Denon, or the upgrade package?


I really want to just buy Jeff's Scoutmaster and be done with it, but this should tide me over until I get drunk enough for a Prime Scout, right?

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