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After many, many years with BAT/Avid/SME YG Acoustics systems this is what my wife and I have spent the last year building for listening to records through. VPI HR-X w/12.7 arm, and VPI ADS power supp

The horror, the horror. Basically this is the final Erno Borbely design. It is a current mode phono stage, where the cartridge looks into close to zero impedance. First stage with parallel J40/K170, a

Fired up the vinyl rig after two years - damn I forgot just how great vinyl can be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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1 hour ago, Torpedo said:

To be honest, that thing could sound like the voice of God saying I'm going to heaven, but still I wouldn't care.

God backed up Prince who backed up the creation of this table ;)  Its all connected to the one source.  Black, silver, chrome audio gear was just not getting me on to the holy path.  I hear heaven is painted purple as of April 21, 2016.


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36 minutes ago, Dusty Chalk said:

Unholy carp, it's so purple!  And what the hell does a non-golden-eared audiophile equipment reviewer need with 3 tonearms on the same turntable for, anyway?

Its really a polarizing color, isn't it?!  First day I saw it, I was like no way.  Few hours later, looking at the pictures again, I was beginning to mellow out towards the color and actually starting to think how interesting it is.  Then I started feeling it is really cool...I mean...a PURPLE DAMN TURNTABLE.  When do you EVER see that on THAT level of table?

I will reserve judgement till I get it in my hands.  If I don't like it, I have a few guys ready to it on as a project and change it to any color I can dream of.  

The table comes with two arm pods and two arms that can be used.  One mono, one stereo is what I am thinking.  The third arm I will load up on my Townshend Rock 7 most likely.

Like this:


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Any recs for a decent cheap phono stage? DIY fine as well.

Cheap will mean opamps. I would suggest Hagerman's stuff then: the Bugle2

... or this:


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