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On 1/15/2021 at 8:52 PM, bhjazz said:

I called VPI and asked about my current noisy motor.  Claire tells me, well, the Prime has a 5 year warranty, so you're still covered.  However, you'll need to contact your dealer first.  If they are unable to help, please call us back.  So I called Stereo Unlimited in SD, but it's the owner's cell phone and had to leave a message.  Hopefully I'll talk to him at some point about how to coordinate an interstate warranty claim.  Fun.  

Talked to dealer today.  He says all he has to go by is a Prime warranty card which reads 3 years.  Will call VPI tomorrow. 


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After many, many years with BAT/Avid/SME YG Acoustics systems this is what my wife and I have spent the last year building for listening to records through. VPI HR-X w/12.7 arm, and VPI ADS power supp

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Changed out my ZU DL-103 for the Benz Micro Ace SL that arrived today. Got the new cartridge aligned, tracking force set to 1.7g and VTA at 20 degrees.

Yeah, definitely an upgrade! Wow, really liking this cartridge!

Flat and neutral? No.

Fun and engaging? Hell yes!



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