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Iacocca: An Autobiography

I saw this on a Car and Driver list of books for petrol heads. I ended up loving it. I don't necessarily agree with all of Lee's politics, but my goodness does he seem like an exceptionally smart guy and capable manager. There are some great business lessons I learned and he has no shortage of interesting war stories. He also grinds a lot of his personal axes and has some choice barbs for his enemies.

Apparently this was the best selling non-fiction book for a few years in the mid 80s so I'm not the only one who has enjoyed it.

Highly recommended. To steal a phrase from Lido, "if you can find a better auto book, read it!"


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Another 80's reader here. It was recommended by a colleague in the 80's - unsurprising given it's best seller status.

I also enjoyed, and recall thinking at the time, "Wow, what  a guy!". 

Now that I am older / wiser / more cynical, and having read / been exposed to other "magical CEO" autobiographies,

I wonder if they don't suffer from  self-selection / survivorship bias


"took  this  bold course of action,  and it worked great, it must be down to me"

Given the imperative that "something must be done" I  can understand the bias to action,

although now I might view the lack of control groups - A/B testing -  Blue Green Deployments differently 

Maybe I'm not cut out to be a CEO, and just lack Vision,  and am insufficiently Bold / Courageous.

In the  same  way politicians that are agile / adaptable  / change their opinions based  on the latest evidence (evidenced based reasoning?) are seen as "flip-floppers"

Maybe I just need access to the Three envelopes /  letters.



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Some recent reads:


This was really great. Strahan is a Top Notch anthologist.


Not as good as Station 11 but still pretty dang good.


This one grabbed me. Couldn't put it down.


Quick read, absolutely loved it. Really great Sci-Fi/Horror that reminded me of Harlan Ellison's I have No Mouth and I Must Scream. After reading this and the Children of Time duology I have become a big fan of Tchaikovsky.

Current reads:


I also stumbled upon an audiobook version of all 12 issues from Asimov's Science Fiction from 2014. Pretty cool.


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