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The Live Music Thread


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Dont tell me it's one of the Happy the Man original members....:o
Funny story: so I went to Sugarloaf -- a crafts festival, to talk to Lucy about a blanket, maybe a coat, see what she had, etc. While I'm there, this cute couple are there, too. And the girl -- who is really nice and friendly -- points at me, and says to the guy, "look, he's wearing your shirt". I said, "whu...?" He said, "yeah, I'm Stan Whitaker". (I just happened to be wearing my Happy The Man "hippy" T-shirt that day. It has rainbow colors on it, which I thought was appropriate considering I was going to a crafts festival.)

My knees buckled. Literally.

So we talked for a bit (I actually complained that they never released the Live at the State album -- a show I attended), I bought a blanket, and when I went back for the blanket, they had left a message for me with Lucy that I should visit them where they were playing, at which point they basically played and devoted an entire set to me.

It was great. I bought everything they had -- Oblivion Sun, Pedal Giant Animals, and of course, a Stan and LeeAnne something or other. Signed, of course. I think they gave me the S&LA CD. They did a really rockin' version of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. He's amazing to watch up close. He makes it look easy, but he's one of those people who actually looks more comfortable with a guitar than without.

They strike me as the sort of people who'd remember me if they ever saw me again. Which is why I say, "sort of" -- I'm not exactly receiving Christmas cards from them, but they made me feel like I knew them at a personal level, and more importantly, vice versa.

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