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The Headcase Stax thread


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Yes, it does seem like a cross between the SR-Omega and SR-007, but I hope the arc assembly isn't negated by the way its coupled to the drivers. If they stick with that design, at least it will be more user friendly in fit. Either way its quite interesting, since the SR-007 was released in 1998,(if im not mistaken) so its been a little bit since the last TOTL model. Hurray for new circular Stax headphones!

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My 507 has shipped so stay tuned for impressions and internal pics. :)

As for the new model (SR-707?) I will get one ASAP but I sure hope we don't have another Mk2/A on our hands. Design issues affecting the first units shipped and then fixed silently later on. This was true of the SR-Omega and 4070 as well...

BTW, any issues with replacing old 4070 pads with new 404s or Lambdas pads?

They are all the same size so no problem at all. The new leather pads would be lovely on the 4070...

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I think he's talking about the ones they introduced with 404LE (and continued with 507).

Yep, I'm using the 404LE real leather earpads on the 4070, they fit perfectly.

There's no model called Omega 2, that's just something made up, it's the SR-007 and SR-007Mk2 dammit.

This is new "SR-008" is great news, I haven't bought a headphone for over a year. :D

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