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The Headcase Stax thread


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No, it is just the SRM-600 that used these resistors.  I've never seen a failed TDK resistor which is in everything from the T1 (well T2 aswell for that matter), T1S, 006t, 006tA/II, 006tS and the new 500T.  I've also never had a failed Vishay 7W resistor as used in the 007t and later variants. 

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So I impulse purchased an X1000 set

After experiencing it for a few hours it really felt as if it was missing that weightless / effortless / delicate sound that the 007 / 009 presented (ignoring FR differences). At the same time, I can't find information about the thickness of the driver, nor do I have the other amps.

I'm wondering if this is more a limitation of the headphones or if it's a limitation of the 270S that comes with it?

That being said, the stock tuning is quite enjoyable.


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4 minutes ago, spritzer said:

Now on the X1 topic, I just put mine on and the right driver is failing.  Substantial channel imbalance and nothing has happened to these... so time for an investigation. 

That sucks. I have a used one inbound that I’m hoping withstands the teething phase and proves reliable. I think yours may be the first fault I have heard of with this new line. Good luck. 

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I just opened them up (pics incoming) but I could see nothing amiss inside the driver.  They are still as imbalanced so I'll have to get another set now.  Stax and driver failure is certainly becoming a big problem these days...  :palm:

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Well I took them apart so some pics:


The earpads just pull off and are much better made than the 009 pads. 


Remove 5 screws and the back just falls off.  Notice the hole next to the top screw... yeah that's a port.  Stax did miss a trick here as they could have sealed the back and front completely with a rubber gasket similar to the HE60. 


Here is the other side and the drivers is just held in place by those 4 screws.  The plate holding the driver together appears to be made from metal and it does exert a bit of force down on it. 


I don't love the soldering on this though... 


Screws are out and I did look inside the drivers and it's standard Stax fair from the x07 series.  Metal stators and metal retaining rings for the diaphragm and dust covers. 


Here is a port block idea but I can't really test it as this set is borked...

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4 hours ago, spritzer said:

The 270S is a large part of that as it is kinda shit. 

Thanks, kinda figured.

I feel like I saw another one of your comments somewhere about the 270S but can't find it at the moment.

Are there any mods that would make it more bearable? My ideal would eventually be to get a KGSSHV but getting one of those to Canada is a pain.

I saw one of those JR Audio ones listed here and then found that thread about how they scammed their customers lol.

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It's the same design as the 252S and at 4W total power... you can't expect too much from it. 

It's confirmed... my SR-X1 right hand driver is dead.  Down to almost no output and it is not the cable. 

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That's what I fear is going on as it got worse and worse.  I tried to discharge the diaphragm and no change.  I can't see anything from a visual inspection and it's not a connection problem so yeah... this is not good. 

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Mine actually developed a channel imbalance too. The right channel started getting weak. I discharged it and let it sit for two weeks, and now listening to it for the first time since then the imbalance seems to have gone away. But I've been reading quite a few reports of channel balance issues in these things.

Seems like Stax did botch the launch and I hope mine holds out, cause I actually like the sound of this thing a lot. It does need a bit of eq to tame 1-2khz and the bass is definitely seal dependent but otherwise this little thing punches way above its pricepoint in sound quality... when it works.

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