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4 hours ago, n_maher said:

Comcast can barely (if really) deliver 1080p content, forget 4k and 8k. 


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I bought a 55 inch 4K Sony XBR tv on a black friday deal and I'm still pretty stoked every time I watch a good looking show. 

I paid about $760 for it and it looks like it's still just under $800 on Amazon. It was a little more than I wanted to pay but I'm glad I did. 

I still haven't watched any 4k content (can't say why since I have a free 4k movie coming). 

It comes with Android TV so I was able to use my Roku for my old tv which is in the master bedroom.

The remote is pretty clunky but I keep meaning to learn on of the free ios remotes available.

I agree with what Nate said about the prices on 4k tv's. They are the norm these days and I'm kind of amazed that I could get such a big, cool tv on my budget.


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Is there a recent update to this thread? Looking to get one so any personal recco be great, all the review sites are so confusing.

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