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Walked into a local AV store and their showcase display was the late, lamented Panny TX-P65VT65.

"Wish they still made those."


"What are you going to do with that?"

"Sell it, eventually."

"How about selling it now?"

"Let me call the boss."

(Some haggling ensues.)

It looks really good. :)

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Anyone have a Vizio M-Series tv?  I'm kinda thinking about the 70" model.


i was looking at the 80" on amazon. it seems like the next few years are going to be a sucky time to buy a TV. it's still $3000 for a screen with worse quality and 1/4 as many pixels as my phone. 


then there is 4K. an 84" 4K TV is just 4x 42" 1080p TV panels that havent been cut apart...but sold for waaaay more than buying 4x 42" TVs. 

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Not entirely on topic but my wife and I are finally moving ahead with getting plans drawn up for digging out the basement at our house to make a HT/Kids room/guest room. I'm getting rather excited about the whole thing and while I will not be able to set up the room perfectly (speakers are going to have to be wall mounted) I'm going to get around that with some technology.


Right now I'm thinking BD-Player and Cable Box -> 65" TV, HT Reciever -> 8 channel AD converter -> AES digital-> 3 Genelec 8330 + 4 Genelec 8320 (or maybe 4 more 8330) + Genelec 7350A Sub running Genelec GLM network and room correction.


We'll see what the budget comes out at. Another option is making it movies only and skipping the cable box downstairs.

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