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I have a $2000 allowance from Julie for toys for the new place with a few restrictions. Speakers need to be in wall/in ceiling. So far I've narrowed my search down to the new elac in wall versions of the B6 for the left and right channel, an in wall center and considering the new angles in ceiling speakers for dolby atmos.  We do not intend on purchasing bluray discs or a player. 100% streaming on Hulu/netflix/amazon prime. Is the atmos in ceiling worth the $500 it would cost? There's not a whole lot of media that has those channels NOW but that seems to be the direction things are going in. The place is also completely empty while we re do the tile/paint etc so it's probably the only time this is going to happen. Would you all recommend the in ceiling angled speakers or save the 500 and put it towards a better receiver? I've never owned one so don't know if the room correction features actually do work or if they are just marketing lingo. The wall things are going on is 8' wide but due to the placement of the metal studs in the wall, there is only a few inches worth of wiggle room for the tv to be mounted and the speakers to be placed. I do have to take the wall down to put in some horizontal wood beams so the wall mount for the tv is not just hung on the drywall with toggle bolts. I've already planned conduits for speaker cables, hdmi cables, cat 6, random av cables etc. Anything else I should be aware of or plan ahead for while I have the wall open to put in the wood beams? I do have some soundproofing underlayment available from redoing the floors - would there be any benefit to adding this towards the attic on the walls the speakers are going in to prevent the sound from going into the attic/to other rooms? 

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If the wall is already made of wood you don't need blocking to support the TV.  Just use a stud finder (cue Steve) and go from there.  Every wall mount I've seen allows for the variable spacing of wall studs.  As far as in-wall/ceiling is concerned I wouldn't worry about Atmos but I'd make sure you've got full 7.1/2 if you can.  Wiring is a huge pain, but worth the effort if you can.  My rather meager setup in the new living room (Polk Audio in-wall and ceiling, Yamaha receiver) is totally adequate as far as my expectations go.  Sir Stretchy also did in-wall in his new digs but opted to go big L/R and simulated center based on the advice of folks likely a lot smarter than me.

Lastly, yes, definitely use boxes for the speakers.  Or at least I did based on my research.

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1. The wall is just drywall hung on metal studs. Even the fire stop is metal.

2. Stud finder just finds where the metal studs are in the wall. 

3. The lg slim mount for the oled tv's is designed for 18" stud spacing (studs in the apartment we purchased are 24" apart). Amazon does not make note of this but after looking into the matter, there are various retailers that have changed the descriptions on their website after a lot of people returned their mounts for not wanting to use toggle bolts and trusting a very expensive tv (at least in my opinion) to a less than extremely secure way of mounting the tv. Also, the spacing on the lg oleds is not the standard vesa mount like most other tvs have necessitating the use of these special mounts (or so I was told by the best buy dude). 

4. 7.1/2 is not in the budget right now. 2 front channels and a center is doable. The 2 ceiling channels will be a stretch at this point. I could do a left surround as that wall is shared between the bedroom and the living room but the right wall is shared with the neighbors and I don't really want to put speakers in it. Also that is the side where there is very little clearance above in the attic as the roof starts to dive in so even less likely to put a speaker on the right wall. 

5. Will have to look into the use of boxes some more. Care to share any resources you found? I have an appointment for a call in to Elac on Tuesday morning to see if I could speak with someone about this specifically to see if it would be an issue. I wanted a green light from them before I went ahead and ordered the speakers. One the gentleman I spoke with said I could even chat with Andrew Jones as he is looking for feedback from people installing the in walls as they aren't as widely adopted yet. If they sound anything like the UniFi UB5s I have in my office, I'll be quite pleased. 

I would have loved to have grabbed one of the new in wall subwoofers he recently came out with but the mounting depth is well more than my 6" deep walls can accommodate :( 

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For $2000 bookshelves (including stand) I know what I would choose.  Ascend Sierra 2 w/ RAAL ribbon.  It will use up the budget otherwise wasted on surround speakers, sub, and center channel.  You'll need to negotiate for those speakers at a later date, but in the meantime you'll pee your pants at every orchestral soundtrack.



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Ended up just ordering a pair of the unifi uf5's (floorstanders) and a pair of the ub5's (bookshelves) yesterday along with a pair of the uc5's (center channel). The speakers were all 20% off. Also grabbed a pair of denon avr x4300 receivers for $800 off (last year's model). 

Plan is to try the floorstanders in the bedroom first and see if they integrate well. If things are too boomy, then put the bookshelves in the bedroom and take the floorstanders out to the living room.

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SEOUL, Korea (Jan. 1, 2018) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it has developed the world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display. This industry-leading product will be showcased at LG Display’s booth at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this month.


The newly-unveiled largest OLED display in the world boasts the highest resolution with 33 million pixels (7680×4320) – 16 times more than FHD (1920×1080) and four times more than UHD (3840×2160). This expansion of its OLED product portfolio reflects LG Display’s commitment to lead the high-end premium TV market.


“The successful development of the world’s first 8K OLED display is a milestone for the 8K era and underscores the exciting potential of OLED,” said In-Byung Kang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LG Display. “OLED is clearly a next-generation technology leader and for this reason, LG Display is accelerating its research and development into OLED so that we can provide differentiated products to customers and markets.”


The significance of ultra-high 8K resolution panel development is higher resolution without compromising brightness. Higher resolution is achieved by reducing the size of each pixel and in turn aperture ratio*, unavoidably reducing brightness. As OLEDs are self-emissive and therefore less affected by aperture ratio, they are optimal for 8K panels. On the other hand, non-emissive LCDs should improve the performance of their backlight units when achieving higher resolution in order to compensate for the drop in aperture ratio and brightness. This leads to an increase in power consumption and material costs.


The 8K OLED displays can also maintain their slimmer design, as the self-emissive OLEDs do not need backlight units. LCDs with 8K resolution, however, inevitably get heavier and thicker because backlight units need to be placed directly behind the panels to achieve the same level of brightness and picture quality as 4K products.


As LG Display, the sole large-size OLED display maker in the world, uses its in-house innovations in panel design and fine processing to create 8K resolution OLED displays, the company is set to lead the extra-large and ultra-high resolution panel market.


The 33 million self-emissive OLED pixels in each 8K OLED display create the more delicate images and unmatched picture quality that are already highly regarded in the UHD TV industry. OLED TVs are well-known for their superior picture quality with perfect black, more life-like colors, and wider viewing angles.


In fact, DisplayMate, a professional, US-based display-testing and rating body, praised OLED TVs in a recent report as visually indistinguishable from perfect with the highest absolute color accuracy, the highest absolute luminance accuracy, and the highest contrast ratio. In addition, OLED TVs have consistently won top rankings in quality and performance evaluations conducted in North America, Europe and elsewhere.


This cutting-edge display and many other products can be experienced at LG Display’s booth (#N 228) in the North Hall Meeting Room of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018.


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1 hour ago, skullguise said:

Just in time for 8k streaming over non-net-neutral internet connections......can you say 8k surcharge?  Bigly.....

Comcast can barely (if really) deliver 1080p content, forget 4k and 8k.  I get pushing boundaries but it'd be nice if the content led the charge rather than the display.  Still, if this somehow pushes prices of pedestrian 4k units down I'm all for it.

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