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Looking for digital SLR recommendations

Salt Peanuts

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The GF1 and E-P2 have electronic viewfinders, the E-P1 has an optional optical viewfinder which works only with the 17mm lens. I had the E-P1 for a few weeks before I returned it, the clip-on viewfinder was too much of a pain for me to carry around & use, if they could make a built-in viewfinder in a micro 4/3 camera it would be perfect for my needs.

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They do - it's called a Panasonic G1 / GH1. Supposedly one of the best EVF in its class (1.4x magnication and 1,440,000 dots) and much better than the one that clips on to the GF1.

However if you want a view finder in a rangefinder type body, like the Leica M9, it'd make it bigger. I'm not sure Panasonic will do that, for a number of reasons.

Olympus might - but it seems they've gone the way of the clip on viewfinder as well.

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Got my Rebel T2I today and initial impressions are positive. I previously got a T1I but returned it as I felt it was a little noisy at higher ISOs and white balance seemed to be off at times. I'm glad to report that so far, the T2I seems to exhibit a lot less noise than the T1I (I still have a few pics left from when I had it) and color/white balance seems to be spot on. It still has a tendency to overexpose pictures in auto/Av mode but very slight compared to the T1I.

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