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Windows 8 concept desktop

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The desktop concept looked neat. I thought the pic of the AKG701 on the desktop looked nice too.

The Windows 8 Concept Desktop - Desktops - Lifehacker

What would you guys like to see in the Windows 8 desktop? I do like the feature in Windows 7 where I highlight a program in the taskbar and all the other windows disappear and the one that is highlighted is in the forefront.


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I ran into this today... So you know when you want to move a folder or delete something and it tells you some other program is using it? It would be nice if Windows actually told you which program is using the folder or file.

Windows doesn't already do this, right? If it does... :palm:

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Apple finally fixed this same annoyance by telling you what program is still using files on a drive when you try and eject it. As for Windows, I just wish they'd abolish the #@(*)%ing registry and the mess made when things are installed.

Amen to that. Registry issues always come up

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