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The Ultimate DIY Part 2 ? The KGITSOJC

kevin gilmore

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so it turns out the hawksford already came up with the idea of cascading a current mirror (well sort of)



it also turns out that the single ended version where you ground the input, and then drive the emitters

makes an absolutely wonderful I/V converter for your favorite dac.

also previously released in a simplified version by pedja rogic.



so the building blocks are now piling up.

need a really sweet output stage (not the headphone kind)

and this preamp should be able to compete with the big boys.

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well there is this



I'm not going to finish the ultimate preamp till a reliable source of audio grade complementary jfets

is available. Too many fakes out there to design with old stuff, and linear systems is a bunch

of incompetent fucknuts. But I do have a working one on the bench. It has to be a jfet input otherwise

the input impedance is too low and the bipolar parts have too much offset with high impedance sources.

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Hi ! 

Sorry for hijacking the tread ))

I check this tread and find only schematic for Vendetta - if i miss something -i am sorry.

Any chance to see the board picture for this phono stage clone - or even order one through the GB ? 

I am quite interested to make this unit - heard a lot of good reviews of this one.


Thanks in advance 

With  respect


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