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sick of head-fi

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Are you hitting the main page, not a link to a folder or sub-forum?

My link was to the forums/index.php? page, but the root .org address does indeed show a HD800 for me. My guess is that Senn is one of the early adopters/sponsors so they get top billing. Too bad Justin couldn't get the Meier Audio Gilmore Lite picture there.

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I can't believe it took me so long to see the joke :palm:

But having at last got it, I remember an incident years ago, when our IT guy Mark went out to Japan to set up the server in the office there. He used to send an e-mail diary. So he's in the Taxi with Guisan, our guy out there, and trying to make small talk.

Mark "Guisan - is there much crime in Japan?"


Guisan "Yes - much crime in Japan. Only in Summer"


Mark "Why only in Summer?"

long pause

Guisan "Because in Winter, much to swippery to crime"

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Yeah, and rule #...two, is it?...is let us know what you're drinking.

It was a couple bombers of my homebrewed Porter...capped with a nice pour of Basil Hayden's.

Sorry to hijack my own thread...

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