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i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

kevin gilmore

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I might as well go the whole hog and open up the orders for anything on their site. I will shoot the order in a couple of weeks, to give time for people to get in.


Here are the links for FETs, 2SA, 2SC.


I believe they are the best prices anywhere for most things, a little cheaper than B&D and some other places without having to worry about fakes!


Keep in mind I won't be able to ship for a while, but I may be able to accommodate one or two urgent orders, but I'd rather not if possible. Consider the order for 'stashing' purposes only!

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Indeed they have very good price on everything. I cross checked with BDent and Satodenki's price is almost always half of BDent's.

I'm definately intereseted in some 2SA1968LS @315yen/pcs; 2SK216&2SJ79 @600yen/pair; and 2SK213&2SJ76 @500yen/pair. (I'm pretty sure many others will be interested at those prices.)

The prices are almost too good to be true.... so I have to ask... how can you be so sure that they are genuine?

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Well, they're from Japan and not China, so that's a big plus already, and I've used some of their stuff in my KGSSHV and it checks out fine.


I think they're priced well because their website is very...basic, they're not well known at all, and they don't deal with anybody overseas.


IIRC somebody here used some of their stuff in his DIY T2, but my memory is fuzzy.


I'm happy to order a few samples of anything for pics+basic checking with that cheap tester.

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at 600 yen/pair i'd probably buy more if they are genuine.  how many are there?


No idea, they don't have "low stock" on the description.


But would you prefer "orders" in the thread or by PM for tracking purposes?


PM's are a little easier, but I will check both carefully and prepare a spreadsheet before I send the order off.

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I don't think it matters, because looking at the photo I took, the tapped holes for the brackets are symmetrical for the dissipante series (no idea what the slots are for.) But I'm not sure if it's true with other cases.


(I think they have the exact same face plate for all their pesante cases with or without heatsinks, thus the multiple and useless holes. For example, only 4 holes are used to secure the heatsinks in the dissipante cases and almost half of the pre-drilled holes are covered up by the heatsinks, including those slots...)




I'll PM you later about the specific numbers.

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Just some updates guys:


  • KGSSHV still working great :)
  • Haven't found time to measure current draw - really I haven't found time to figure out how to squeeze the probes between the sinks to reach that resistor
  • My latching switch arrived, so I got that done instead
  • So strange thing - previously I had some problems tapping the 12V from the 15V line on the amp boards so I decided to lengthen the wires to the PSU board; since I was doing that I thought I'd do the same for the ground. Well that turned out to be the wrong decision... Once I took the ground from the switch from the amp board I couldn't get the DC offset for BOTH amp boards down. Turning the pot will bring the voltage down from 7V to about 5V and further turns will bring the voltage back up pass 7V. Just really, really odd. So if anyone has issues getting DC offset to work linearly, this may be something you want to choose to investigate.
  • In any case, everything working again now (not enough sleep from the night before because of that little exercise, though). Always the little things like simple switches I guess!
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Hey  I'm kind of late to this party, and I'm in the middle of a DIY-T2 build, but when that's finished I'll need something else to do.....maybe a KGSSHV, sure why not, I've got a spare tiger's-eye knob I need to find a home for...


2 questions:

  • How does the sound of the KGSSHV sound in comparison to the DIY T-2 (SR-007 MK 1's) 
  • I see Spritzer seems to be working on board creation, will there be an opportunity to get in on a group buy at some point? (sorry if this was covered in a earlier post, I just this minute got the bug for a KGSSHV  and don't want to risk missing the opportunity to get in on a set of boards by spending 2 days slogging through all the posts.)
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I don't have a SR007, but listening with my Omega clone and Orpheus clone, DIY T2 sounds warmer and more pleasant by quite a margin.


Wachara C.


Thanks.  Maybe I'll pass on the KGSSHV  then.



What are these "clones" that you mention?  DIY?

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