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Coffee Drinkers? (or other hot beverages)


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I'm with you Peter, my French Press game is like 4 steps.

1. pour coffee in.

2. pour water in.

3. stir like crazy.

4. press.

Seems to make pretty damn good coffee with minimal sludge assuming I don't f it up w/ the wrong grind or let it brew for like 10 minutes. 

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Couldn't agree more, gents.

Coffee is a personal thing and I say you do you...whatever delicious means to the driver...how can one go wrong?

Some of what Mr. Hoffman puts on video has worked as a guide and some I found way too nuanced to be worth the climb.

I do enjoy mixing it up my coffee making between the Chemex, the espresso maker (love me a cappuccino / flat white / latte), and on rare occasion these days going back to the French press I used exclusively for several years.

The biggest things I have found to make a difference that I can meaningfully identify is quality coffee, type of roast and measuring.  Crap in and I get crap out...simple enough.  I also prefer a light/medium roast for pour overs...




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The only thing I'm doing with a darker roast is espresso.  It makes using the espresso maker much easier, but I do find it can be a bit much...the heavy caramelization, etc... from an espresso roast.

Whereas I have to fight a light/medium roasted Ethiopian to get great espresso, but boy is the result lovely when I do nail it.

Gotta love first world problems...


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I’m doing some pretty excellent shots with the BDB. Slayer mod next, though I doubt I’ll be able to do as much as I can with the Flair 58. This was a medium-light roast Guatemalan. Despite the roast, it was a chocolate bomb. I use 198 for medium-light. I prefer to not do lighter coffees as espresso or filter without having PID: Dan is totally right about light roasted coffees really benefiting from control. 


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