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Coffee Drinkers?

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been adding some dark roast back into daily grind (pun intended) to have some lower acidity in my midday/afternoon drink. i did Old Bisbee Bali Blue last order and yeah, it's just too dark and unruly to work with in pour-over and challenging even on aeropress.

i decided this time to try Bisbee's current El Salvador and it is absolutely a better brew for the v60. it's a pinch too dark still, but has a ton less overt bitterness and more balanced tartness. this is close to ideal for a light roast counterpart in the morning.

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This could be trouble. First results were very promising, if not entirely drinkable.  I'll toy with grind just a big more to get a full extraction but tomorrow morning should be fun and int

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Nice, Aura!

I've gone back to DoubleShot and am enjoying a Panamanian El Bambito (or something like that) and a Costa Rican La Minita in my Chemex.  Delish...

I did notice they seem to be roasting a tad bit darker on these two, but still a medium roast I'd say.


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So I tried the WhistlePig barrel-aged coffee that comes in their seasonal gift pack.

MISTAKE!  Lollers

I've taken to throwing one or two beans in with whatever else I'm brewing, because I do enjoy a small amount of that flavour, but a pot made entirely out of that is just way too overwhelming.

1 or 2 beans of WhistlePig barrel aged (doesn't even have a roast date)

1/2 Zeke's Mexico Chiapas

1/2 Mom's Organic Market Nicaraguan

...is pretty darn delicious.



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it’s not clear if our good friend @grawk has actually started his roasting service but when i received this today it sure felt on-par with any current roaster i use (and i have used quite a few in 2020)...


starting with the Brazil. this is a clean, clean cup on the v60, lesser acidity (above room temp) in favor of nutty and spicy and tea-like attributes. i find this stupidly drinkable.



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i appreciate the commentary. i’m not commercial yet, but I’m about to take the next step. Once I’m comfortable with the new roaster i haven’t ordered yet I’ll be able to do about 20 lbs a week for sale. 

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