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Coffee Drinkers?

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7 cups of water to 1 cup of grounds, medium grind (like french press grind)

mix thoroughly, then let it sit 12-36 hours

strain through a coffee filter (I use the gold filter from my zojirushi thermal carafe brewer, but any filter should work)



Do you dilute the resulting "brew" anymore or just drink it straight up? I've got my first batch brewing now for tomorrow and I'm cautiously optimistic that it'll turn out ok.

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This could be trouble. First results were very promising, if not entirely drinkable.  I'll toy with grind just a big more to get a full extraction but tomorrow morning should be fun and int

^^ enjoy I was lucky that Sonja brought a Breville to the relationship.. (larger style with grinder, etc.) After several months of Costco coffee living out of the airbnb - we unpacked the ro

The Niche Zero arrived last week and I've gotten to use it.  So did the Chemex.  I chose the 6 cup which worked out well for my situation.  I'm the only coffee drinker in the house, but if I have a gu

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Musasa Rwanda from Thanksgiving Coffee Co. Perhaps if enough people start enjoying Rwandan coffee the people will choose commerce over genocide.

Great flavors with subtle notes like true Kona coffee.

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I got my shipment from Bisbee today, oh mama that's some good smelling coffee. Looking forward to the first cold-brewed batch this weekend.

Yup love it, I can smell it a few feet from my mail box. The Sidamo and Peaberry are really delicious hot as well. I went with a lb of the Peaberry. Finished off the last of my Sidamo today.

Brewing some Indian Rainforest Alliance Arabide Estate from Bisbee.

Can't wait to try it, I'm a fan of Indian coffees. Next time I am in India I will bring back some beans from my uncle's estate in Yercaud.

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from facebook:

Old Bisbee Roasters

I don't mean to scare anybody, but this newsletter special is seeing your Indian Mysore Nuggets FLY off the shelves. I'm not sure it'll last 'til the end of the week!

Get it while you can!


Indian Arabide Estatewww.oldbisbeeroasters.com

Old Bisbee Roasters support family-owned coffee farms and co-operatives that produce The finest tasting varieties in the coffee-growing world.

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Since starting my own law firm, I've started to drink coffee again, particularly one large ice coffee from Starbucks. I don't think it's such a good thing because I feel like I am becoming dependent on the caffeine again or put another way -- addicted.

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