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Reviving an old FOTM...the CD-E5


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I had a modified one (zap filter plus a few other mods) for quite a while. It supplanted a Meridian G-08 but was itself supplanted by a Cambridge 840c. I guess I disagree with Steve. Nevertheless it is a solid player except for the transport issues, which I never experienced.

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You can also buy a replacement pickup from MCM Electronics in the US here:

Original Philips Optical Pickup | VAM1202 | Distributed By MCM

The thing is it's only the laser assembly and housing. You will need to remove the corresponding part from the original wagon in your E5 and solder the wiring of the new one in its place. I dropped by a TV/VCR repair shop and had someone do the soldering for me and she didn't even charge because it was so simple. A 5 minute job.

I had to do it this way because when I sent my transport to drarthurwells (whom Cattylink referred me to in the US), he told me nothing was wrong with it. I asked him to replace the transport anyway and he refused and sent mine back. It was still defective when it came back so I had to figure it out for myself.

The player sounded good, but I was happy to get rid of it after all the hassle.

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