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Boardwalk Empire


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Yep. I plan on giving Boardwalk 2 episodes to see if it is worth keeping HBO for. The Season finale of True Blood was a major let down. Showtime has been doing better with their original programing. Dexter is coming back, The Big C has me watching, and I still enjoy weeds.

The show I am really looking forward to is Breaking Bad, and I don't think it's due back until spring :(

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Hopefully results in a stronger narrative than Deadwood. ;)

Downloaded the torrent last night. Not sure if something this expensive, helmed by a major director, qualifies as a 'pilot,' but if so it seemed to do everything right. It's a great base to run. Now let's see how they focus on story. Not sure I've seen so many beautiful female characters in a TV show before (though they've not received much screen time yet). And the sets and compositions and edits were nearly perfect. Makes Mad Men appear a stylistic facade in comparison. Fingers crossed.

Plus nice to see Omar again. ;)

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Watched the last episode last night and I thought the series finished strongly.

I guess I could have lived without one or two seasons but overall, it was a real pleasure to watch unfold.

Agreed, just watched the last episode today. Great finale. The whole series was a slow burn, full of really wonderful performances, not a single stinker in the whole cast.

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