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Where to point the finger of blame


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My phones setup is in its early stages. I have a Cambridge Audio DACMagic (c.1993) going into 404LE and SRM-T1. There is a Meridian 518 jitter-buster before the DAC, and the digital source is usually my Macbook, and sometimes a Sony CDP-750 from 1988, which I love for it's incredibly fast track access and associated number pad.

The problem is, I feel ill after not very long listening to it. A headache which is kind of metallic-toothachey...

I don't think I am running it too loud. I suspect the problem is that the source combination is just way too crappy for the Staxes, which of course I know. Even the 518 can't save the DAC. It is probably a minefield of jitter, distortion and spurious crap - and I think fatigue sets in immediately.

Do you all agree with my assessment of the situation?

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It is clear that the effect is caused by the microchip embedded in the plastic card in your wallet. Remove the card from your wallet and immediately send it to me for safe disposal. Your current symptoms will clear up only to be replaced by other less painful ones.

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