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Where to point the finger of blame


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i was thinking more along the lines of getting an MRI.

To enjoy music during the MRI, MR CONFON ( mr confon GmbH - Kommunikations- und Antischallsysteme fr die Kernspintomografie ) sells headphones expecially constructed to take advantage of the magnetic field created by the MRI. The Piezoelectric cans at least use an old and tested technology.

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Overemphasizing details is the DACMagic specialty so...

And combined with the 404LE's rather brash upper mid so...

The DAC clearly needs to go urgently - the question is only how much money I throw at a replacement, and if I hold out for a new generation Sooloos Ensemble in the MS600 line. And after living with the 404LEs for a year, I am quite sensitive to their weaknesses, not just the treble but the flubbery bass...

Hence the ebay auction.

(Thanks for the serious reply!)

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