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Holy Crap! The New Stax Omega Looks fierce! (Stax SR-009)

Jon L

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And I'll have to make do with my lowly BHSE B)

On a side note, it's pretty funny how some folks on the other side of the fence think that the SR-009 won't need anything more than a stock 727 since you don't have to turn the volume knob as high as with the O2... Somehow headphone amplification has become all about how loud you can play something.

If you want to have a chuckle, read this description of RSA's new amp:


I particularly like this quote " You can literary make your HE-6s sound like a speaker from a distant of 12 feet or more" :o

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For sure >:D

From Elusive Disc:

Great NEWS:

Was just informed by distributor that we should get them ALL in the first shipment!!!!

Will keep you updated!

Holy crap, looks like STAX must have really cranked a lot - relatively - for its first production run.

Cheers! I will be most curious on how these headphones will scale with different amps since the design is supposed to be significantly more efficient than the SR-007.

I'll be trying them out of the SRM-323 (hopefully it will be OK) until by BHSE arrives.

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