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Miracles happen! Post is not Head-Fi friendly :)


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Miracles happen! The democrats have taken control of the house, and it looks like they will ultimately take the senate.

Now let?s see if they can grow a set and hold hearings to exercise oversight over the executive branch. Let?s see if they are capable of reversing this administrations deconstruction of the constitution.

I don?t hold out much hope that the Democrats will hold the administration accountable for their crimes. The democrats have run to the middle in an effort to pander to the independents and the ?Liberal Republicans? basically abandoning true liberals (Like me).

Conservatives (Republicans) shouldn?t be too upset at the loss. The current Democratic Party is not really liberal, it?s just liberal in comparison to the Neo-Con right. I wish we had a true representative democracy. Our system is a winner takes all system where 51% controls everything. If the Greens got 8% of the vote they should get 8% of the representation in congress, if the Liberals got 15% they?d have 15% of the seats. Coalitions would form and all people would have some representation. With our two party system many (Most?) people are not truly represented.

Unfortunately true representative democracy (As used in most newer democracies) was not even invented until the 1860?s.

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I live in berkeley, so I hear your arguements quite a bit. The basic problem is that this is a party representative system; it neglects the idea of geographical representation. what it would do is endanger the uniquely american conception of local politics and local politicans in favor of a more european like party centered approach to politics. that is, the politicans won't be loyal to their own constituents as they would be to the leadership of their own parties. considering the massive middle in American politics, i don't actually think it would be a good idea ot devise a system that would benefit the far ends of the political spectrum.

There are several suprizing things about this election. With Howard Dean as the party chairman, the Democrats went straight towards the center and seized it across the country. In a year of democratic wins, in the bluest state of the Union, Phil Angelides, the democratic canidate for governor, still lost by over a 20 point margin. What this could mean is that the Republican party might head the way of Arnold Schwarzenegger in future elections. The California 11th changed hands, a seat that was considered safe. And, ultimately that is the most suprizing thing about this election. There were only about 20 districts considered in play going into the last week of the election, the democrats would have had to have won nearly every one of them. what happened was that they won a good share of those; but started winning districts they were not suppose to win. At the end, taking over 230 House seats happened; but had never been considered a possibility. WHat makes this most significant is that the gerrymandering of the seats and the incumbant advantages probably exaggerated how much the republicans held on; it could have been much worse. the simple fact that such a massive power change can occur in this day is remarkable and something i wouldn't have considered 2 or 4 years ago.

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The Unknown

As we know,

There are known knowns.

There are things we know we know.

We also know

There are known unknowns.

That is to say

We know there are some things

We do not know.

But there are also unknown unknowns,

The ones we don?t know

We don?t know.

?Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing (Donald Rumsfield)

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Hafiz Hussain Ahmed Pakistan lawmaker Bush "deserves to be removed, put on trial and given a Saddam-like death sentence,? :o

The fucked up thing is that except for the putting to death part I agree with this guy. Bush is guilty of Treason and should be impeached.

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Actually it is still up. I figured someone would have taken it down by now.

The people at the kindercare next door were all cheering my sign.

I thought the area i live in was died in the wool redneck republicans,

but maybe not.

Well I'm surprised that no one has torn it down yet, considering the North Shore is full of snobby ass rich people.

BTW: GO NORTHWESTERN. I'm ready to see a repeat of two years ago against Ohio State. Boy was that a game.

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I wasn't trying to give zChan a civics lesson. I was merely pointing out that you can impeach both Bush and Cheney, which I thought he didn't realize.

Your point is well taken.

Hmm, you are right. I didn't realize you can impeach both at the same time. Thanks.

That sounds just wrong though, even for a slim chance that the presidental power to go to a congressional leader of the opposite party.

But then who am I to argue, I'm not even a US citizen.

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at KG's request, all possibly harmful remarks (that really tells you something about the country right now, that remarks could be possibly harmful, but oh well) have been sanitized.

LOL man you headcase mods are only doing editing and rule enforcing for headfi mods....

thats fucked up man but true LOL really.

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