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Which Cooking Are You?


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Ok, I have zero, nada, nothing, below freezing, is anyone else cold here? to contribute to this thread, but, damn, I do like me some good eats. Reading here is like watching the cooking channel. I want to eat at your house(s) every night.

Seriously ... Shelly, how about Mondays? Jacob, I can get to you by Wednesday. Dan, I'll drop in every time we visit daughter Julie in PA. Greg ... Just tell me when you uncork the good stuff, and I'm there. Colin - if you won't make me dress like you, most any night is good.

:) :) :)

Nice job everyone.

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Thanks for Wednesday's, Reks ... will definitely bring bottles.


Yeah, Dusty, Brent DOES throw on some interesting combinations.


Colin!  That Salmon and Bok Choy look delicious. Let's start with that.  Bet it would be lovely with some Pinot Noir I could bring.

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but gingers aren't people...


Well there's that, and it wasn't exactly girls that were crazy about him on our last outing. Not that Colin could control that, seeing as we were in the Castro. Either way, I think he dug the attention.

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Half pound kobe burger, sous vide 2 hours at 136F, seared in the residual bacon fat from the 2 pieces of black forest bacon that were lovingly placed upon the patty.


Want chicken and waffels.

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