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For any who didn't see my FB post on this, here was our attempt at doing Richard Blais' Spicy Chorizo Burger from this video:




We'd made a first attempt the day before, and decided to try fries instead of griddled potatoes, and sliced cheese instead of shaved, both of which helped the flavor consistency from bite to bite:






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Was that real aioli, made from garlic, lemon, yolk, salt and oil?  I used to make it by hand with a big mortar and pestle, but I've found that an immersion blender works best.  From the immersion blender in the background, I guess you've discovered the same thing.

Yes.  But no lemon, because I didn't have any and didn't feel like going out.  Still delicious.

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I will remember this.  But probably instead just buy some damn lemons.  And maybe a container which is sized a bit better than this Kroll coffee mug, as that seems to make a huge difference in the reliability of making aioli rather than egg soup.

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