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Which Cooking Are You?


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Lily still loves cooking shows and recently has been bugging me to have a cake-off with her. It was my turn this weekend to make my cake for judging. She helped me in preparation for making her cake next weekend.  It's a chocolate cake with dark chocolate frost and chocolate ganache and raspberry filling between each of the three layers of cake, topped with more frost and ganache.  It was fun to make, I'll report back with how. it tastes later.


Maybe not professional grade, but at least the flour that I buy at the grocery store is going to good use. I rode 30 miles to prepare for the fact that this cake is allegedly nearly 1000cal/slice. 

EDIT - not sure I ever posted a "complete" picture of the kitchen, if not, this gives you a good idea of what it looks like now.

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I used the Serious Eats recipe as a start and used their method, and looked at others for ideas. It can be flavored many ways to your preference and with things on hand, so I had to make various substitutions, including the following:

I used dried arbol chiles, some dried small chiles I grew, and some dried peppers from my cousin's house in France. I didn't have Sichuan peppercorns so I used a peppercorn blend. I don't have MSG or dried mushroom powder so I skipped those and added some good soy sauce for umami. I subbed a cinnamon stick for star anise and cashews for peanuts. Cardamom pods are green, but the seeds are black--this confused me especially in a tiny quantity so I opted to get out the seeds from three pods and crush them. Lastly, they don't expressly say it but I chopped up the fried shallots and garlic before adding them, and tossed the cinnamon stick of course. Came out pretty tasty.



Tofu and Green Beans With Chile Crisp


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Last night Claire made this super easy recipe last night and it is great. And easy. And great.

Five-Ingredient Creamy Miso Pasta


Tonight, I made a pork tenderloin stuffed with herbs and capers. A little harder but still pretty great. I also roasted some creamy potatoes.


Pork Tenderloin Stuffed With Herbs and Capers


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