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Poulet à la Normande with a flambé in progress Et fini

Lily still loves cooking shows and recently has been bugging me to have a cake-off with her. It was my turn this weekend to make my cake for judging. She helped me in preparation for making her cake n

I made dough earlier today pizzas tonight. 1. Home grown sweet and hot peppers, sweet onions, andouille and mozzarella  2. Pancetta, trumpet mushrooms, olives and cheddar  3. Alden's pesto mo

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Making real eggnog for the first time. It took almost an hour of constant stirring to bring the custard up to temp. Now it needs to chill for at least 3 hours. I'll report back afterwards. 

Recipe is America's Test Kitchen Holiday Eggnog. 

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I can call this recipe a complete success. It tastes nothing like the store-bought stuff. It's the real deal. Delicious!

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Sunday night dinner - chicken enchiladas verdes - made with my chili verde recipe for the sauce and marinated chicken (in lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano).



Time to eat


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Another batch of Crumpets. 

From these simple ingredients


Mixed to form a batter 


Then left to proof 




Released from their rings 


And left to cool 











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