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What are you listening to Part the Third


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I cannot seem to stop listening to two tracks:


Kwoon, "I Lived on the Moon" and

Pulshar, "Nospheratu"


The former is pure icelandic shoegaze bliss a la Sigur Ros and New Order's "Elegia", with an epic, soaring climax and a gorgeous animated video

And the latter is a groovy dub techno track worthy of a 40 minute extended remix a la Orb's Blue Room...but it doesn't have one.  :sadcat:

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i think I'm realizing this is now my favorite music, loved even more than the Ellington Blanton album.

I had disc 2 on repeat all day, now enjoying the more regimented first disc.


I get goose bumps, swept away, transfixed the entire time.  eyes closed.


Besides the obvious musicianship, composition, there's just something about sparse albums that gets to me.

Just a piano, amazing.

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Juno Reactor, The Golden Sun of the Great East -- you know, it's really sad -- "Juno Reactor" is such a great name, and yet I know that like me, mentally, a lot of people lump him in with all the other instrumental electro artists, but he really is one of the best.  And I would have no idea how to "rebrand" him so that he stood out more.  He's so much more melodic and lyrical than 99% of all the other stuff, which to me is what it's all about.

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